What are the laws on e-scooters in Ireland? Read More News Today Live

You are going to know about the laws on e-scooters in Ireland in this article.

Electric scooters, sometimes known as e-scooters, are becoming increasingly popular in Dublin, but what legislation should scooter owners be aware of?

Laws on e-scooters in Ireland

In summary, there is currently no specific legislation covering e-scooters, with legislation not expected to be implemented until 2023 under the Government’s National Sustainable Mobility Policy Action Plan.

Meanwhile, in October, the Government unveiled the Road Traffic and Roads Bill 2021, which may limit the use of e-scooters on Irish roads in order to combat local weather change.

However, the bill is still working its way through the Oireachtas while the finer details are worked out.

When President Michael D Higgins signs this bill into law next year, it will provide certainty for e-scooter users.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan was successful in having a number of revisions to the Road Traffic and Roads Bill 2021, which legislates for electric scooters and electric bikes, as well as other street safety issues, passed in February.

The removal of an age limit for owning an e-scooter was one of the revisions.

The revisions were submitted by Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan, TD, who stated that while the bill is already large, the amendments are necessary and “would prove highly profitable.”

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He stated that powered private transporters (PPTs) such as e-scooters were specifically cited because it is a field “where the technology is moving extremely quickly.”

Knowing about the laws on e-scooters in Ireland is important for people who use e-scooters. One of the revisions will change the definitions of PPT weight, speed, and energy production in future rules to allow for faster response in the dynamic industry.

The modifications were welcomed by Charlie Gleeson, founder, and CEO of Zipp Mobility, who stated that the ability to alter most ranges of e-scooter speed, weight, and power “will be vital to guarantee that laws keep up to current.”

Zipp, which has its headquarters at NovaUCD, is one of many micromobility start-ups that will hit Irish roads as soon as the government legalizes e-scooters.

What do the security consultants say?

In recent months, the Road Safety Authority has sent a number of reminders to e-scooter users.

E-scooters are autos that are mechanically powered (MPVs).

The RSA has previously stated that driving these vehicles on public footpaths should be considered illegal. The RSA had also requested that these scooters be allowed to be used in cycling lanes where possible.

While we are still in legal uncertainty when it comes to the use of scooters, gardai have been spotted cracking down on the egregious misuse of autos.

For example, a scooter rider in Kilkenny had his vehicle impounded earlier this year for violating traffic laws.

The prompt guidelines round e-scooters

It appears that the current speed limit for e-scooter users, which is around 25 km/h, will be swiftly increased.

It is illegal to “hold on to any other vehicle which is in motion or to any person or thing on, in, or attached to any such vehicle” while riding an e-scooter.

They must be “conceived and constructed for the carrying of a single person, but not for the carriage of goods or for the carriage of a person with restricted mobility.”

You may read the entire draught legislation here (skip to part 12 for the related elements about scooters)

What are the laws on e-scooters in Ireland? Read More Ireland Latest News 

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