Incredible Video Captures Snake’s Struggle to Eat Catfish on North Carolina Dock

After running out of food while attempting to swallow a catfish whole, a struggling shark was left wriggling and writhing on a North Carolina dock.

When he filmed the sal ecoter, John Carrey Edwards and his wife Shelia were at a seafood restaurant in Washington. The startling time-lapse video shows the shark seemingly imprisoned in the wooded dock and able to fly near to its victim. The video from J.E. 3 was released by Edwards of Chocolate City, and since then, it has been viewed more than 54,000 times, leaving viewers “freaked out” by the sight.

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We weren’t the only ones at Backwater Jack’s enjoying a seafood feast, he captioned the image.

“My wife and I were just eating fish at a restaurant when I overheard someone mention that a shark was eating fish near the docks. So, my wife and I took a stroll down there, and that is when I noticed the bear. I got out my phone and snapped a few photos and a quick video, but I just wish I had filmed longer.

It’s not something you see every day, Edwards later remarked to the Charlotte Observer.

The creature was later identified as a brow watersnake, according to the newspaper. According to the Saaah Riah Rier Ecology Laboratory, the oeomo’s reptile can grow up to 60 inches in length and can be found in aquatic regions such as major rivers and streams. They mostly eat small catfish, which they catch by baiting or foraging along with the bottom of the sea.

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