Powerful Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: True Wireless Revolution in 2022

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is going to bring True Wireless Revolution in 2022.

Ridiculous in its launch, AirPods are now embarking on a trend that has spread with “True Wireless” Bluetooth headphones, or in other words, True Wireless!

The field of audio is evolving rapidly. Gone are the days when people bought headphones or wired headphones. Today, most users use a wireless connection. There are headphones, earphones and speakers.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless headphones are not new, but if a technology is new, it is True Wireless (100% wireless) and it is Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Real wireless headphones are a real revolution in the audio industry. They were introduced with the launch of Apple AirPods in 2016, and since then all brands active in the field of audio have released their own models.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones bring new ease of use

As we said, the real revolution of True Wireless headphones is that they are truly wireless. There is no cable connecting the headphones to each other. However, this type of product has cabling. Each wireless headset model has cables for connecting two headphones. There are usually electronics boxes (especially controls) and a battery box on the same cable.

This can be inconvenient even if the manufacturer does not properly integrate the remote control or the box containing the battery. Sometimes you have extra pounds on your neck. There has also been discomfort when using some models of wireless sports headphones. The cable touches our body when performing impact exercises.

Real Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are truly wireless!

For True Wireless headphones, the cable is completely removed. Thanks to this, you will enjoy complete freedom of movement. Users place two earplugs in the ear canal and can move effortlessly. This is really one of the strengths of this new technology. Electronics, batteries, microphone and speakers are directly integrated into the headphones. As an example of AirPods, Apple mixed some electronics into the trunk. The Bluetooth system, which enables wireless connection, is on poles that come out of the user’s ear.

As for charging, this is done through the box that comes with the headphones. Just put the True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in the case and charge them. This later contributes to the overall autonomy of the headphones. If the battery is exhausted, you will not be able to charge it via the connection (usually USB-C).

The real Wireless Bluetooth Headphones market will grow in 2022

This is the Apple brand that made the True Wireless headphones famous on the market. The first generation of AirPods was released in 2016, and since then the Apple brand has released two new models. But most of all brands that are already active in the field of audio, they release their own model of 100% wireless headphones.

Pioneering audio brands soon realized that this headphone format would be popular with the public. Brands like Sennheiser, Sony, JBL, Bose and others follow. In 2022, we will find ourselves with a lot of references. There are even anonymous brands (mostly Chinese) that have come on the market. Just search the internet and find hundreds of real wireless reference headphones by 2022.

There is something for every budget. The lowest models are around 15 euros and the most expensive models are sold from 200 to 300 euros. Keeping a high price in mind does not mean that the product has quality.

For example, JBL knows how to make really good audio products, but some of their pairs of 100% wireless headphones are disappointing. We can also talk about the first generation of AirPods, which no longer offers balanced sound amplification. You can find some seeds from Chinese brands like Xiaomi.

Audiophile sound and enjoy the latest technology (especially active noise cancellation) but of course you can not get with headphones sold at a discount. If a brand sells 100% wireless headphones at a low price, it must make concessions. This can be at the level of design, equipment or embedded technology. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are going to change the user experience in 2022.

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