Police raid McKinsey’s Paris offices in tax case

Police raid McKinsey’s Paris offices in tax case, McKinsey’s Paris offices raided by police in tax case

Searches were conducted in response to suspicions that a US consultancy firm had failed to pay French corporate taxes in the previous decade.

Police searched McKinsey & Co’s Paris offices in the latest escalation of a dispute over whether the US consulting business paid any French corporation taxes despite earning millions of euros on government projects over the last decade.

Police raid McKinsey’s Paris offices

Evidence-gathering searches began on Tuesday, according to prosecutors. Financial prosecutors at the Parquet National Financier announced last month that they had begun an investigation into McKinsey to investigate into suspicions of tax-fraud proceeds laundering.

During the raid, McKinsey said it was complying with authorities and had delivered all of the material requested by prosecutors. The company also stated that it follows French tax and social regulations.

After the Senate released a report in March about his government’s use of private advisors, the crisis engulfed French President Emmanuel Macron.

Marine Le Pen, Macron’s far-right adversary, tried to use the scandal to discredit Macron ahead of his re-election last month. According to the Senate study, consulting firms had broad influence over government decisions, sparking charges that Macron had squandered taxpayer funds while serving his own interests.

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