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Dodo Drop File Sharing App, Dodo Drop App Download, What is Dodo Drop File Sharing App, How to download Dodo Drop app.

At this time, epidemics like corona virus are showing their wrath in the world. This disease started in China. Due to this the image of China has become very bad in the whole world these days. China is also being opposed. Due to the infiltration of China inside the border of our country, there is anger about China in the country. Due to this, Chinese products and apps are being boycotted in the country as well as all over the world.

At least 59 Chinese apps have been closed in India. Due to this people are facing some problems, but people living in India have also started to solve them. After the closure of file-sharing apps like Share It and Xender, an app has been launched to share files in India, whose information we are giving here.

Which is the desi app for file sharing?

People in India used to use apps like China’s Share It or Xender to share any file, but now a person from India has launched an app for them to share their files. The trouble will be over. This App name is Dodo Drop App.

What is Dodo Drop File Sharing App?

Dodo Drop App is made in India to completely compete with China’s ShareIt App. Which can easily transfer any files, photos, videos, and text messages from one device to another. That too without internet access.

Launch of Dodo Drop App:

The Dodo Drop App has been created by a person living in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. The name of the person who built it is Ashfaq Mahmood Chaudhary. He’s only a 17-year-old boy. Who created this app at such a young age as an alternative to an app like Share It. He started social media surfing at the age of 13 and also built a website. The app was launched in July following the ban on the Chinese app.

Features of Dodo Drop App

  • The main feature of the Dodo Drop App is that just like the Share It app, anyone can easily access a file, image, video, music, song, or a text file on another person’s device on their mobile phone, or tablet, or smart TV.
  • The app supports companies’ devices like Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, Vivo, and Motorola. That is, it can be easily downloaded on any device of these companies.
  • Ashfaq, the person who created this app, took a total of 4 weeks to build this app.
  • The speed of transferring files in this app is 480 Mbps, which is many times the speed of the earlier Share It app. But for this, it is necessary that users use the right version of it.
  • Battery power is also very low in this app.
  • This app can be downloaded in any of the older versions, trial versions, VIP versions, etc. The size of this app is 11.43 MB.
  • This app is a secure encrypted app, that is, in this app, the user will feel completely safe transferring any file. There can be no fraud of any kind.
  • This app has been created by a person from India. That’s why it’s also called ‘Made in India’.

Dodo Drop App Download | How to Download Dodo Drop App

Dodo Drop App can be downloaded by any Android mobile phone user in India from the Google Play Store on their phone. And if a user uses the iPhone, he can download this app by knowing in the Apple Store on his phone. To download, users need to search for ‘Dodo Drop – Secure File Transfer’. After which they will get this app, by clicking on it, they can download this app and install it on their phone.

So, with the creation of such an app in India, the Modi government’s Make in India campaign is getting a flight. With this, now various companies in the country have started making a lot of profit by launching their products and apps. After the ban on China’s app, the launch of such an app in India is having a very bad effect on China’s economy. Hopefully, more similar apps will be built in the country, so that people will no longer need to use China’s app and all their problems will also end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is the use of the Dodo Drop App?

Ans: Any file, photo, video, message, etc. can be transferred from one device to another.

Q: Who created the Dodo Drop App?

Ans: Ashfaq Mahmood Chaudhary, a young man from Jammu and Kashmir.

Q: What is the speed of the Dodo Drop App?

Ans: 480 Mbps

Q: How to download the dodo drop app?

Ans : From the Google Play Store

Q: How is a file transferred from the Dodo Drop App?

Ans: In this, the file is transferred just like the Share It app.

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