How to use Instagram for Business – Step by Step Guide in 2022

If there is one network that stands out above the rest nowadays, it is Instagram; more and more businesses are using it as their primary distribution platform.

You are wasting valuable time if you do not have an Instagram account for your business. Other social media platforms may have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, but the truth is that Instagram is a channel where your business must be present, as well as an effective advertising tool.

Instagram has transformed the landscape of social networks and their marketing in recent years: new alternatives for businesses, new features for users, algorithm modifications.

This may explain why many businesses interested in joining the social media craze, particularly Instagram, are unsure where to begin or how to proceed.

What should my Instagram profile look like? How do I turn it into a professional profile? How can I go about consulting and interpreting my data?

We’ll try to answer all of those questions, as well as a few others, in the sections below.

Benefits of Instagram for your company

Before I go into detail on how to get started with your company’s Instagram profile, I think it’s important to state the advantages that this can provide to a company:

Increase your audience’s engagement: Instagram is a social media platform that encourages users to interact with one another. Take, for example, engagement actions like likes, comments, follows, video and/or story views, direct messages, saved publications, and so on.

It’s a fantastic way to humanize your brand: Emotional marketing is successful and established, and this social network is ideal for showcasing your company’s “less serious” and more human side.

You gain a better understanding of your audience and are able to reach out to new people: This is directly tied to the engagement I mentioned before; by actively interacting with people, you can learn what your target audience is seeking for and how to make them fall in love. Furthermore, Instagram users are always on the lookout for new content to engage with.

Minimal-cost sales: Because this network makes it so easy to share visually engaging information with your audience, you can sell items or services naturally and at a low cost.

Instagram allows you to link your account to your other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, to promote your other marketing channels.

How to change Instagram account to Business

It is necessary to have a company page on Facebook in order to use your company’s Instagram profile. If you already have it, all you have to do now is join both profiles; if you don’t, you’ll have to make one.

To switch from a personal to a commercial profile, go to the three dots in the upper right corner of your profile and select Account > Change to commercial account.

You must enter some details, such as Email address and phone number

Your business profile can be divided into categories (artist, public personality, local business, etc.).

Select the Facebook page with which you want to link your Instagram account. And once you’ve linked your accounts, you’ll get an Instagram account dedicated to businesses.

What do Instagram stats look like?

One of the most crucial benefits of having a business account on Instagram is that you can see your statistics on the social media platform.

There are presently four “parts” on Instagram where you can access statistics:

Account statistics for your company (you can find them in the bar graph icon on your profile on the top right)
Post statistics (available by clicking “see statistics” within a post)
For businesses, Instagram stories statistics (they are in the same place where you see who has seen your stories, by clicking on the bar graph icon)
Figures from IGTV videos (you can see them by entering each video on your channel and clicking on the 3 dots at the bottom left and selecting the statistics option)

After we’ve figured out everything, we’ll examine what type of information Instagram analytics can provide.

We’ll start by looking at the account statistics, which will look something like this:

The data is weekly and appears to be broken into three areas (activity, content, and audience).

We can view what Instagram users have done on our profile in Activity:
The interactions that our profile received over that week, as well as how they were separated into different days, were really helpful in determining when we could publish.

How many visitors we’ve had this week compared to the previous week

How many times has the user clicked on our profile’s default action? Accounts reached this week and how many have been reached each day of the week in my instance “send an email” (this is the number of people who have seen any of your posts)

The amount of times any of your posts have been seen by Instagram users is known as impressions.

In Content, we can see what actions we took on our profile that week, such as publications, stories, and promotions. We can control the stuff we upload in this section so that we don’t repeat ourselves or saturate our viewers.

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