‘The Batman’ Releases Deleted Joker Scene With Barry Keoghan
The scene may be viewed after visiting a website that simulates the Riddler's word puzzles from the film.
A deleted scene from The Batman starring Robert Pattinson has been released on Twitter.
In the deleted scene, Joker says, “It’s almost our anniversary, isn’t it?”
As a child, Keoghan appeared in school plays, but was banned for "messing about". He started his acting career in 2011.
In 2013, Keoghan appeared as the "infamous cat killer" Wayne on Love/Hate. The role earned Keoghan recognition in Ireland, and he went on to feature in '71 in 2014.
Keoghan appeared in two films in 2017. He featured as George Mills in Dunkirk and starred as Martin Lang in The Killing of a Sacred Deer.
He features in the 2019 mini-series Chernobyl. He starred in an episode of Living With Lucy in September 2019.
Looking closing, Barry and Shona appear to be one of the most lovable couples from the movie industry.